What is Liposuction Malaysia ?

The liposuction Malaysia procedure is the high end medical technology, and this procedure can be workout by the experts or the experienced surgeons. With the help of this procedure, the surgeon can eliminate the fat from the body of the patient, and also the surgeon can offer the patient to a slim body they want. This procedure includes the use small stainless steel tube, and it is called cannula. This cannula is associated to a high end medical solution pump and injected into the fat through small incisions in the patient´s skin. After the treatment, the small tunnels collapse and thus the patient can see the extraordinary result with body counter.

How much weight I can lose by the liposuction Malaysia?

Patients must not at all expect to lose dramatic amount of the weight with the liposuction Malaysia. But, as fat is been removed from important areas, the liposuction must make the significant improvements in the aesthetic appearance. Though the liposuction Malaysia must not at all be regarded as method for the weight loss, in the appropriate patients it will produce important cosmetic improvements.

Will fat cells grow after the liposuction Malaysia?

Liposuction Malaysia also removes the fat cells permanently and fat cells are been removed by the liposuction will not come back, but, in case, patient gains significant amount of the weight, then the new fat cell will develop. With small weight gain, the existing fat cells just get much bigger by accumulating fat within existing cell. But, with increase of over 10% of the body weight, one may expect the new fat cell development in different areas of body, and that includes areas earlier treated by the liposuction. As adult gains larger amounts of the weight, and increasing numbers of the fat cells are been formed from the existing pleuripotential connective cells by process of the differentiation. The existing connective tissue cells change in the immature fat cells, and after that develop in the mature fat cells with the progressive obesity.

What happens I gain weight after the liposuction Malaysia?

More weight patient gains after the liposuction Malaysia, less dramatic results of the liposuction is. Ideally patient must weigh less after the liposuction by amount equal to weight of removed fat. Therefore, after around 150 pound woman has got 2 liposuction surgeries, and where every surgery takes away four pounds of the fat (total of eight pounds, and equal one gallon), she must keep weight at and below 142 pounds. But, in case, she gets eight pounds & weighs around 150 pounds 6 months after the liposuction, then cosmetic results can be pleasing however not optimal. In case, she weigh around 160 pounds after the liposuction Malaysia, she will then look better than in case, she had not had any liposuction Malaysia, as well as her clothes may fit better, however results will be less than perfect.