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MEDIGO improves access to healthcare for people everywhere. It is an easy to use online platform and service that makes it simple to find and schedule affordable, high-quality medical care worldwide. With a network of 500 trusted hospitals and clinics in 23 countries and a dedicated 24/7 patient Care Team, our vision is to deliver better healthcare choices worldwide.


Simply submit an inquiry to the MEDIGO Care Team. Tell us which procedure you need, which country you’re open to traveling to, and if you have any preference for a specific clinic or hospital. We’ll be in touch the same day to help you organize your medical records and plan your trip abroad!

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Why travel abroad for care? Because medical care abroad can be of the highest quality, most affordable, and is without waiting times. Each year, more than 7 million patients choose to undergo a medical procedure outside of their home country. When cost savings amount to 80% and the quality of care is the same or better than medical care at home, it’s no wonder that medical travel is a recognized option for patients everywhere.


We believe that patients are the key to improving their own health and health care systems as a whole. That’s why we are passionate about patient empowerment, patient reviews, and price transparency in healthcare. We promise to support you in your health care decision making with transparent cost and quality information and a dedicated patient Care Team.


MEDIGO partners with nearly 500 medical facilities in 23 countries, including recognized medical travel destinations such as Thailand, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Germany. The hospitals and clinics listed on our platform have built an international reputation treating patients from every corner of the globe. These hospital and clinics provide world-class dental care, orthopedic surgery, cardiology, oncology treatment, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, reproductive medicine, and more.

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MEDIGO lists clinics and hospitals which have earned the most respected international accreditations and certifications in medicine

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What patients say about MEDIGO

“The helpful guidance provided by the MEDIGO team from start to finish exceeded all my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.”

Reg, Canada

“I would like to inform you that I finally got the gastric sleeve surgery!! And everything went wonderful. Dr. Hussam is a very good doctor and performed the surgery expertly!!!!! I would like to thank you all at MEDIGO for your help in finding this hospital. It is a very good place and the whole team there are very nice people. The stay was very good as well – thank you again!!!”

Anonymous patient

Zulekha Hospital Dubai, UAE

“Everything went according to plan :) Easy to find the clinic, friendly staff and very pleased with the outcome. Thank you MEDIGO for all your help leading up to our trip over to Budapest.”

Anonymous patient

MDental Clinic Budapest, Hungary

“I decided to undergo an otoplasty procedure while on vacation in thailand but had no idea where to start looking due to the great language barrier that I would undoubtedly face not speaking thai. Melanie from Medigo was unbelievably helpful and walked me through every step of the way. I am sincerely thankful and would choose Medigo again in a heartbeat.”


Bangpakok Hospital Group Bangkok, Thailand